Ink Strokes

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About Us

Ink Strokes provides solutions to all of your labeling & barcoding needs! LABELS BARCODES CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBONS PRINTERS

Company Overview

Welcome to Ink Strokes! We have been in the Printing/ Labeling/ Barcoding business for over 30 years.


Ink Strokes has an extensive line of products, such as: * Labels * Thermal Transfer Ribbon * Barcodes * Consecutive Numbering * Near-Edge Ribbon * Flathead Ribbon * Direct Thermal Ribbons * Printers * Scanners * And many specialty products for unique applications.


* Heat Seal Labels * Woven Temporary Labels * Barocodes * Thermal Transfer Ribbon * Heat Seal Press * Thermal Transfer Printers * Scanners Ink Strokes Durable Labels were developed for the DRYCLEANING/ RESTORATION Industry. Our labels are Extra Durable in dry cleaning solvents. Please call us for a quote or a free sample of our competitive priced products! WE SELL TO THE GOVERNMENT! Women Owned Business, CCR # 1K1Y9 - Berry Compliant Materials & Government Approved Materials for the Military.