Ink Strokes offers a complete line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons to meet all your needs. Ribbons come in Black and 26 Different Colors. Call for a free sample.


  • Premium Wax – Recommended for coated and uncoated papers, flood-coated papers, tags, and synthetic papers.
  • Standard Wax – Recommended for coated and uncoated papers and tags, flood-coated papers and tags, and synthetic papers.
  • Premium Wax-Resin – Recommended for coated and uncoated papers and tags, synthetic papers, BOPP, PET, and PVC films.
  • Premium Resin – Recommended for synthetic papers and all thermal receptive films. This is our UL & CSA benchmark ribbon.
  • Harsh Environment Resin – Recommended for BOPP, PET, PVC, and polyester films used in applications requiring high heat, cold, UV, chemical, abrasion, or moisture resistance.


  • 11 Wax colors
  • 9 Near-edge wax-resin colors
  • 15 Resin colors


  • High Density Formulations to Provide Consistent Scan Rates
  • Excellent Edge Definition and Print Quality at High Speeds
  • Low Print-Head Energy Requirements for Image Transfer
  • Anti-Static Formulation and Back Coating to Prolong Print-head Life
  • Widths to Fit All Major Printers
  • Ribbons for Every Application
  • Near Edge Formats
  • Custom Ribbons in Unique Colors, Lengths and Formulations


Contact Ink Strokes, at (470) 448-1967 or email for answers to all of your Imaging Solutions or to request a samples.